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Discover Lessons-Learned from Real World Applications & Practical Implementations of AI & ML to Improve Your Drug Discovery & Preclinical Success Rates

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Welcome to the Practical AI for Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development Summit

Discover Lessons-Learned from Real World Applications of AI to Make More Informed Decisions, Optimize Target Idenfitication, Discover Novel Phenotypes & Predict Toxic Liabilities

With the increase in collaboration between AI tech development and big pharma, we’re witnessing an instantaneous transformation as AI is at an inflection point in drug discovery and the time to get involved is now!

Headlines spotlighting GSKAZNovartis, RocheBayer, and Sanofi’s positive results from their AI-powered drug discovery efforts have been nonstop, making industry one step closer to discovering and commercializing a ground-breaking AI-enabled drug.

Uniting computational, chemistry, data, bioinformatics, and pharmacology experts to successfully capitalize on the transformative power of AI, the Practical AI for Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development Summit is your opportunity to assimilate the latest practical implementations of predictive models, explainable AI and highly automized procedures to discover nontoxic and stable drugs while reducing processing costs, false positives, and staffing hours.

Why Attend?

Practical Application

Practically implement generative AI/ML tools that merge multiple data sources to better understand and drug new disease targets



New Partners

Improve vendor selection and qualification by better identifying experienced AI partners and manage existing partnerships to further integrate AI processes across functions


Tactical Formulation

Develop tactics to overcome the data generation bottleneck and strategize on ways to make data universally accessible.

What Your Peers Have to Say:


"This meeting is an essential step towards shaping a brighter, more informed future for drug discovery and preclinical development"


"Great opportunity to meet researchers from academia and industry, learning about new approaches, ideas to solve the most challenging problems, establishing new contacts and mutually beneficial collaborations"


"Excellent platform to help improve the communication between AI scientist and domain expert in drug discovery"

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