Partnership Opportunities

Elevate Your Brand to Leading Biopharma Looking to Maximize Their Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development with the Power of AI

Get ahead of the curve and position your company at the forefront of the brightest minds of leading pharma and biotech at the Practical AI for Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development Summit; dedicated to translating the wealth of tech available to successfully implement a working and practically effective drug discovery platform.

Partner with us to showcase your brand and capitalize on our audience of leading companies that are exploring the use of AI for their programs.

Pfizer, Roche, Takeda, Calico Lifesciences, Exavion Biotech, Astellas Pharma and GSK are amongst our other 60+ attendees that are seeking partners to help them in the following areas:

Contract Research – accelerate and support preclinical R&D and position yourself as the leading CRO to help biopharma successfully implement AI in their discovery phase

AI Platforms – build and allow for easy technology transfer with biopharma by offering your easily customisable and dynamic AI solutions

Why Partner?

Meet Senior Decision-Makers & Experts Implementing AI:

Our meeting will unite CEOs, COOs, VPs, Directors, Presidents and Scientists creating a niche environment so you can network directly with the most senior decision-makers and brightest AI minds in the industry

Educate the Industry:

Secure a speaking position to explain how your solutions can directly support potential clients who are actively seeking new solutions to optimize drug development inefficiencies

Showcase Your Products:

Bypass the crowds in large trade shows and assert your authority by displaying your services with our targeted exhibition space

Gain Brand Visibility:

Broaden your company’s exposure with 60+ dedicated delegates from Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Takeda, Insilico Medicine, Calico Life Sciences, Roche, Gilead, and many more in attendance

Who Could You Meet?


Partner With Us:

George O'Connor

Business Development Manager

T: (+1) 617 455 4188