Roundtable Discussion: Bridging the Gap Between Industry & Vendors

Time: 9:30 am
day: Day Two


  • Identify new AI-native partners and learn to better manage existing partnerships to further integrate AI processes across functions
  • ML and data-centric CROs: how can you be sure your CRO can provide valuable data-centric solutions? CROs that can deliver usable data rather than just PDF reports
  • Role of Service Providers: how to get them to be collaborators and provide AI/ML expertise and tools
  • Data strategy discussions with solution providers, especially considering the scarcity of high-quality data in the drug discovery field
  • How involved should CROs and AI solutions be in the drug discovery process?

This session is your opportunity to share your most pressing challenges, and work in small groups to come up with solutions you can implement right away! Each topic area will have several small groups, and each group will have 20 minutes to discuss ways to bridge the gap between industry and vendors. Groups will then share their findings with all attendees, giving you maximum exposure to new ideas!