Natnael Hamda

Natnael Hamda

Company: Astellas Pharma

Job title: Manager


A Delve Into the Pivotal Strategies to Enhance AI/ML Solutions’ Trustworthiness 11:00 am

Improving AI/ML solutions’ explainability, reproducibility, and interpretability Illustrating the experiences and efforts in place to optimise the use of AI/ML Discussing the present requirements and future considerations, including regulatory standardsRead more

day: Day Two

Overcoming Ambiguity: Delve Into the Ignition of the Explainable AI Field to Develop Human-Understandable Systems & Enhance Interpretability 1:30 pm

AI models used in drug discovery often operate as black boxes, making it difficult for researchers to understand how they arrive at specific predictions or recommendations. Interpretability and explainability are crucial, especially in drug development, as stakeholders need to understand the underlying reasoning behind AI-driven decisions to trust the models’ predictions and make informed decisions…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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