Petrina Kamya

Petrina Kamya

Company: Insilco Medicine Canada

Job title: Global Head of AI Platforms, VP Insilico Medicine; President, Insilico Medicine Canada


Panel Discussion: Defining the Route Towards Investments for AI-Enabled Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development 4:00 pm

Delivering the promise of AI by proving AI discoveries can be translated into drugs or benefits What are the attributes that draw investors’ interests? Delving into start-up hurdles, VC funding and grants: how do you bring business acumen to big partnerships?Read more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Assessing the Failures in Target Identification to Navigate the Route Towards Success 12:00 pm

Leveraging new methods and multiple models to cope with the sheer number of possible molecules Addressing the scepticism: How novel are targets for small molecules and antibodies? Identifying appropriate context experts and infrastructure and scaling requirements for different data modalitiesRead more

day: Day One

Entering a New Era of Target Identification & Lead Optimization Using a Structure-Based Generative Chemistry Approach to Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma 9:30 am

Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in leveraging AI for target identification How has AI been used to make molecules more selective and efficient? Revealing CDK20 cell-based data and the time saved by using AIRead more

day: Day One

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